About Us

A gentle and healing experience, Reflexions Spa is tranquil, sensual and serene. We have four beautiful and luxurious, private en suite therapy rooms. All our treatment rooms are silent zones.

All our treatments are perfectly safe and our staff fully qualified. However, please note that we are not a medical center and our staff not trained medical practitioners. Please check-in 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Late arrivals will have their treatments shortened accordingly and full price will be charged for the treatment/s.

A diverse range of therapeutic body treatments and restorative massages are offered by highly skilled  therapists

Our philosophy

Our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle, instill well-being, release tension, relieve chronic & acute pain and rejuvenate our clients using therapeutic healing arts of Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM) and Traditional Thai Massage.

The basis of massage is touch. There is increasing medical evidence to show the great value of touch. Touch is so natural that without it people become depressed and irritable. Observations show that children brought up in families where parents and children touch each other are healthier and more able to withstand pain and infection than those children deprived of touch. They tend to sleep better, are more sociable and generally happier.

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